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   This is the story about our trip throughout the midwest, may of 2005. Our ride through ten states was a Chevy Camaro. We saw a number of historic places and a fantastic scenery. We met many great folks along the way, and we highly appreciated the American hospitality. The United States is the perfect vacation destination for us, - and as Arnold says; I'll be back....

   May of 2005 my dad and I started out on our 10 day trip the Midwestern parts of the United States. In the weeks and months before some planning were made, however, not too detailed.

I was currently a student at Hillsdale College and had my own apartment and a Chevy Camaro which was our ride during the trip. It was a dream come true for my dad the minute he got out of the airport and realized he made it to the U.S.

As we left the airport southbound on I-94 some of the first things my dad noticed were the huge commercial signs, the large highways and ofcourse, the Trucks! That night we stayed in Hillsdale, ready to leave early the following morning.

We got onto the Ohio Turnpike and headed west towards Indiana and eventually Chicago. We made a short stop in Southbend to take a look at the beautiful campus at Notre Dame. Chicago, which is the third largest city in the United States has a number of attractions to offer tourists, however, we were satisfied with a little drive downtown and a few pictures.

We were more interested in what was ahead of us..the great plains. Next stop was Milwaukee, where we made a stop to look at the Harley-Davidson factories, and we also went down to see the harbour. The following day Green Bay was our destination. It didn't take us long to realize we made it to packerland as huge "Go Packers" signs were to be seen all over the northen parts of Wisconsin.

Signs of beware of fog dominated Green Bay has we came driving through the afternoon fog. The following day we visited Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers, which is the only team in the NFL that is not owned by a single person of a group of investors. Green Bay packers is the property of the City of Green Bay and its citizens. Furthermore we went north into Michigan again to visit the little town of Norway.

We went back into Wisconsin and continued west towards Eau Claire and the Twin cities of Minneota, Minneapolis and St.Paul. We stayed the night just outside Eau Claire and reached the Missouri River around noon. We got off the higway and went up the river a few miles until we reached Stillwater.

There was a couple of Steam Boats that are still in operation by the dock waiting for passengers to load. Unfortunately we did not take the time to enjoy such a ride. We had already made arrangements to meet a friend of mine from Hillsdale for dinner. Afterwards we went to see what St. Paul had to offer.

We also made a short stop in Minneapolis as well. The Mall of America was of course on our list of places to visit and it sure did take us a while to walk around that mall.
The next day we kept driving west and the landscape slowly but surely started to change.

The sky became much bigger and the plains seemed endless.
There were no trees to be seen and miles between each farm.
South Dakota is one of the leading states on tourism and signs and visitors information centers were located along the highway.

We turned of I-90 to go north to visit Pierre, the capital of South Dakota. We visited the home of the Governor and saw the congress building. We also visited the Corn Palace in Mitchell,SD and the world famous Badlands of South Dakota. Back on I-90 we kept driving west towards our final destination for the next 5 days. Rapid City, South Dakota.

There will be more from our stay in Rapid City and our trip back to Hillsdale, Michigan later.

-Written by Ingar Nybakken,- april 14, 2006.-

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